Useless Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus print out

September 13, 2014  •  2 Comments

Quick Blog post about the ijacked TV device. Seriously! 5.5 inch display, that is a mini TV/tablet not a phone. Well if you're like me, kind of lazy, haha and have not time to go see one right away for your self but still would like to know how one feels in your hand fear not four thou cometh to the right place. 

Iphone 6 and 6 plusIphone 6 and 6 plus paper mock up.Paper mock up Iphone 6 and 6 plusIphone 6 and 6 plus paper mock up.Paper mock up

I was bored this mooring and a quick draw in illustrator with the devices specs got me a printable model I could take up and fold into a paper replica. So be it the internet there is for sharing, I giveth thee a useless paper mock up. 

Iphone 6 PlusMockup Iphone 6 Plus on hand

Well it isn't completely useless ok, my kids had fun making these and playing with them so perhaps it can be a useful toy. When printing uncheck the fit page to printer margins or it may say print at 100% so its exactly to the size. Also you can cut off the inserts and just tape or use the inserts by cutting slits on the oposite side. Either way it works fine. 

Have fun! Oh and use thick paper stock for better results, letter size print out. Score the folds with a metal or ball point pen for easy folding.

Download print out here.

The Worst Hiring Mistake Any Company Can Make

July 29, 2014  •  1 Comment
I once saw an article in my LinkedIn feed titled, “The Worst Hiring Mistake Any Company Can Make.” At the time I was going trough a hardship and in search for new employment so I was curious to see what this mistake was, I quickly read on to see what the buzz was about. Here is a link and I would suggest you read as well.
Shortly before reading the article I had a similar experience with a hiring manager, that left me VERY disappointed. Overall everything went well during the interview. I was very impressed with the company and eager to be selected for the opening.
I was given a CD at the end of our meeting by the hiring manager containing two photos with one with a plywood in a wall holding decorations for a photo-shoot, which I had to remove and clean the image as if the plywood had not been used. This was nothing new to mee since I’ve done extensive photoshop work for several years, however I had a feeling of wrongness. I couldn’t believe the company was asking me to do free work. I was to take unpaid time to complete an assignment merely for review purposes, but needles to say anyone in the market for a job is eager to show talent and willingness and to the day I would gladly complete the unpaid assignment. I would happily complete any work needed to be selected as the best candidate. 
If you’ve read Jeff Haden’s article you probably know where I am going. After promptly submitting the completed images very late the same day, I waited and hoped for the best. 
I waited through the weekend and could not help but to feel the disappointment of neglect. I just could not believe how I had not even received a thank you for the submittal. I called the manager and left a voice mail, and then a day or two later I called again and got a hold of someone else who told me the manager was out of town, and I was partially relieved knowing he was probably busy and did not have time. A few days later I received a letter that simply states “thank you for your interest, this is not a negative reflection on your accomplishments or qualification but a different need in our company.”
I’m sorry but I spent time working on the images, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, I don’t know but I spent time and I never received a thank you for taking time to complete your assignment. As the article  points out it seems just plain rude after someone pays you the compliment of wanting to work for you, not to reach out not have closure. I was about to delete these images but considered it yet a further waste of my time, and I apologize if anyone objects to posting them on my blog but I spent my own time to complete them and I was not even thanked for it, a simple thank you reply would have sufficed. 

What happened to writing?

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I like to write and I wanted to stick with a constant schedule. At least have one or two posts a month. I’ve had at least that many assignments each month and you could say it could have been about the assignments. But I’m a slacker, don’t judge! It takes time to sit down write something creative and post. 
Also, this site is about my work and I’m sure all the 10 visitors I get a month (I hope its more lol) are mainly here to see photos and other related information. However there is a lot more I’d like to write about so I might have one or two pieces not entirely related to photography, graphics. 
I have a couple of new gadgets I might do a short review on them. In either case I’m sure nobody missed the blog because form the looks of the comments, nobody reads it ha ha. But I’ll still post something up every now and then. 
Happy Monday ;-) 

Let the Celebrations Begin

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I first met Rachel Ann Soyele in school. I recall one of our first conversations outside a classroom and it was precisely about wedding photography. My very last wedding had not worked out so well. The more I followed her work, the more I realized what an amazing photographer she is and the more I insisted she invite me to one of her events. I half-joked that she should take me as her water boy, that I’d just be there to carry her equipment and bing her water. This past 10th of May she finally granted my wish and gave me the privilege to carry all her most weighed gear and… no she did not!, she had also seen my work and thus gave me the opportunity to second shoot for her event. 

This was my first experience at a South Asian wedding and it was incredible, I felt right at home and completely in my environment. I love photography. Rachel took the most amazing photos of Neilav + Priya she posted in her blog and her work has now been featured twice in the South Asian wedding blog, part 1 and part 2.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet an amazing person who would in turn have introduced me to a magnificent culture, full of color and rich in tradition. 

Here are some of my favorite shoots from the event. 

Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_3620-Edit

Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_3643-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_3697-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_3796-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_4000-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_4121-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_4202-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_2780-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_2755-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_2927-Edit Neilav + Priya ~ WeddingRAGartistry_May2013_3324-Edit

See this and upcoming weddings here

The Sun is Not Your Friend

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In addition to causing skin cancer and overall inferno like conditions in the summer the sun is also one of the leading causes of bad photography. Generally speaking you don’t want to conduct a portrait session of just about anyone in direct open sunlight. Now there are always exceptions to the rule but I will not go in detail over the few instances where you would actually use the sun to your advantage. Mostly it all depends on the look you want to achieve and since most of the time you want to flatter the people and not make them look like harsh zombies with skin problems we’ll just stick with soft beautiful light. 

And beautiful soft gorgeous light it is. So how do we get that kind of light??? As the word implies we make it softer. When you look at shadows and its edges are hard, you have hard light, but if you have soft edges, you have soft or diffused light. You always want to either place your subject or create an environment where you have soft light. 

Cloudy days are amazing for soft light, all the clouds in the sky soften the light coming from the sun and create a perfect gigantic softbox. What if its not overcast? The next best thing is to shoot in early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t directly above. What if you must shoot in mid day? Here’s a couple of life saver tips.

First off, find a shadow, either from a large tree or a structure casting shade. Those are the perfect spots. What if you can’t find shade or the perfect spot is in full sun?? In that case you bring the shade to you. There are a number of professional tools to help do just that. 


Quinceanera, Event, Photography, Yasmin Vieyra_AF_5195

Last year while shooting an assignment Quinceañera for Tamayo Studio of Dalton GA, we came across this marvelous man made mini cascade but it was full sun and we couldn’t come back to shoot later. A quick shoot reveals the hideous problems. The image has entirely way to much contrast and is ruined by the harsh light.

Thankfully I had brought along with me my Photoflex LitePanel Kit. This is an amazing tool and quickly folds up and stores for transport. Unfortunately its very very pricey. If you don’t have the money or don’t need a big expense you can DYI. Build one yourself out of PVC pipe.


Quinceanera, Event, Photography, Yasmin Vieyra_AF_5191-Edit

After a quick set up and I re-composed the shoot and took several images. All of them amazingly beautiful, you can see the huge difference a shadow can make. 



Another approach is using diffusion disks, or 5 in one reflectors, these can be skinned down and the interior has a soft translucent fabric, much like the LitePanels. For one of my school assignments I used the larger disk to soften the light from the direct sun and the smaller silver disk to create a nice highlight on the side of his face. 


Student, "Alejandra Saavedna García" "Dalton State College"Contreras_J_ExtPortrait_Week7_5219-Edit

The resulting image was one of the best grades I received all quarter.

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